About Us

JMG Freight Group, LLC is a transportation intermediary, arranging freight movement for shippers of all kinds.  We operate nationwide, providing superior service to companies of all sizes…..small or large.

JMG is a Tennessee Limited Liability Corporation.  Incorporated in August 2004 we operate as a S-Corp.  JMG is a privately held company, owned and operated by Jim Murrell, President, CEO and Mark Goodman, Executive VP, COO.  JMG acquired its’ Freight Property Brokerage Authority on September 7, 2004, operating as an agent for Rocket Logistics located in Ardmore, Alabama from August 24, 2004 until September 7, 2004.

JMG is listed in First Advantage/Compunet “Gold Book” of Transportation Brokers.  The book is a listing of brokers who pay their freight bills in 30 days or less. To qualify for Gold Book status a broker must meet stringent requirements including Surety Bond, proper federal operating authority and freight bills paid in less than 30 days. This allows us to book equipment with the best carriers in the industry, which translates into excellent service for our customers.